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Helping people understand ways to REDUCE SENIORS HEALTHCARE COST IS OUR PASSION. Making a very complex subject like Long Term Care, Medicare,  Inflation, Premiums, Health, Underwriting, Taxes and making those subjects simple to understand and putting a price to it is what we do with great pride. Long term care planning should be in place as soon as you can afford it. Your health can change at any time. People underestimate the true cost of long term care by about 50% and they assume they can always get it. Medicare isn’t set up to handle long term care, your family in most cases will not be a good option for full time caregivers, your retirement savings is for retirement and lifestyle, not long term care. Medicaid will pay as a provider but on as a last resort but that safety net is in pearl. Insurance may be your only option. People want to stay at home not a nursing facility, that’s what I plan for!


Five  Reasons  Why  People  Buy

  Long-Term Care Insurance


  1. BURDEN TO FAMILY: Taking care of people who are chronically ill, can make the caregiver chronically ill.  Long term care insurance allows children to maintain their relationship with their parents by helping supervise their care, rather than providing that care.
  1. ACCESS TO QUALITY CARE: People want access to quality care
    at home or at places of their choice,  with caregivers of their choice.
  1. ASSET PROTECTION: For those with assets, there are two ways you can pay for long term care – your retirement portfolio or long term care insurance.
  1. CONTROL AND INDEPENDENCE:  People want control and independence choosing where they live and the kind of care received.
  1. PEACE OF MIND: Long term care doesn’t bring families together, it tears families apart.  Long term care insurance brings families together and provides peace of mind.

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